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The Story

When the Covid-19 pandemic began its May 2021 outbreak in Taiwan, a group of us wanted to help those local Taiwanese residents we knew would be in need.  Pulling from our trans-Pacific backgrounds, we wanted to engage friends and family from both Taiwan and America to direct donations to help feed, clothe, and sustain those who were directly suffering from Covid-19, or the those around them affected by the necessary restrictions to curb the outbreak.   However, we weren't aware of the obstacles not only in finding suitable charities and organizations, but that many were not equipped to handle donations from abroad.  Language was only one of the barriers, as many Taiwan websites also don't accept Paypal, foreign credit cards, or even overseas transfers.  

So we researched and identified on-the-ground organizations who were directly helping those in need. We helped them set up English versions of their website, paying for NetiCRM to build a suitable backend system that could accept overseas funds.  Although it took a lot longer than we had expected, we are proud to build this service which will continue to allow these Taiwanese charities to receive more global exposure and assistance. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your donation!

Special thanks to:

  • Daniel YC Chen

  • NetiCRM


  • Taiwanese American Citizens League

  • and many more...

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